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Brand names beginning with the letter 'F' (Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe). Medications with generic name beginning with the letter 'C' (Cupric Sulfate). Medication information from December 2019, newest first or December 2019, earliest first FRITZ AQUATICS MARDEL COPPERSAFE- cupric sulfate solution Fritz Industries Disclaimer: This drug has not been found by FDA to be safe and effective, and this labeling has not been approved by FDA. For further information about unapproved drugs, click here

Coppersafe (and Copper Power) are both chelated coppers. A chelated copper solution is just a blend of two compounds. One is the copper sulfate granule, and the other is an ingredient that allows the copper granules to break down and stay in a liquid state. The ingredient that makes this happen is called a chelator, or sequestering agent 2. Location. London. Jul 25, 2003. #2. Should be fine,i have been using melafix and a anti bacterial treatment together to treat a fish with popeye and there hasnt been any ill affects and it even seemed to speed the healing process up,the eye is back to normal after just 6 days. As far as i know melafix is only made with natural ingredients,it. The listed active ingredients are exactly the same for both products. I wouldn't be surprised if they were buying from the same MFG, and just sticking their own labels on the product. My only issue with Fritz is Coppersafe has been erratic ever since they bought the label from Mardel/Sergeants Coppersafe/power is a chelated copper and is reported to be much gentler on the fish. It's still copper and can have side effects like lack of appetite and cause difficulty to sensitive species just like ionic copper can do. I've had better luck at the store with chelated copper and have kept many types of fish in it successfully Coppersafe label info: Active Ingredients: Chelated Copper Sulfate. Precautions: CopperSafe may be harmful to plants and some snails If possible, remove plants and invertebrates without an exoskeleton from the aquarium. Otherwise, treat fish in a separate quarantine tank. Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only


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  1. e™ effectively eradicates Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, Ichthyophthirius, and other ectoparasites of both freshwater and marine fish.It is superior to copper sulfate, chloride & citrate: it is non-acidic, less toxic to fish, remains in solution, and does not conta
  2. Ingredients: Mincycline hydrochlor. Coppersafe (Mardel firms): a drug containing copper compounds for the treatment of white spot disease, flukes, hookworms, mushrooms, velvet, protozoan diseases caused by bacteria and other parasitic diseases
  3. CopperSafe when used as directed maintains a total copper level of 1.5 ppm to 2.0 ppm in the water. CopperSafe remains active for over one month in the aquarium. Levels of 0.3 ppm free copper are recommended in the literature for therapeutic use but with Coppersafe the levels of free copper will be measured at 1.5 ppm to 2.0 ppm

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  1. If this all pans out, I will be rewriting some stickies and changing my recommendations. I'll also be ordering a Hanna High Range Copper Colorimeter for myself. Thanks for challenging the status quo @HotRocks!! I am just like the rest of us trying to figure out a way to make it easier, yet..
  2. CopperSafe, a unique stabilized form of chelated copper, is designed to maintain a therapeutic level of copper that is safe for fish but effective against parasites. Convenient Acu-measure bottle lets you quickly, easily, accurately measure the correct dosage - with no mess. One dose lasts for one month. 4 oz doses 100 gallons
  3. How aquarium and pond treatments work. Part 3 deals with parasite and chemical such as Malachite Green, Methylene Blue, Copper, Praziquantel, & more. Chemical Treatment information from fish disease guru Carl Strohmeye
  4. Add the contents of one packet per 10 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Repeat this 5 day treatment only once if needed. Important: Treat for 5 days even if visible signs disappear. May be used concurrently with Coppersafe, Maracide, Maracyn Two or Maroxy. Refer to enclosed fish disease chart for proper combination use
  5. By Jamie Boyle Mardel CopperSafe safely medicates fish suffering from ich (small white spots), velvet (yellow-white spots, loss of color), and other external parasites (visible spots, worms, rapid breathing, extra mucous). For salt and freshwater. Unique non-staining liquid. One treatment is effective for over a month. Very effective ich medication treatment. Ingredients: Chelated Copper.

But Daveedka is 110% correct that when you're running a UV you need to read the ingredients list on everything you plan on adding to the tank very carefully. Lots of the medicinal aquarium products do in fact contain stabilized (chelated) heavy metals. For example the prime ingredient in CopperSafe is chelated copper sulfate Novalec Inc sells formalin and malachite green separately, unlike Quick Cure by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, which combines both ingredients. Copper sulphate - This is the main ingredient in Coppersafe and Aquari Sol. Coppersafe by Mardel Industries specifically indicates that it is safe for scaleless fish, but our readers have indicated to us.

Copper-based medications are commonly recommended for treating ich. Some brand names include CopperSafe ® by Mardel, General Cure ® by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, and Aquari-Sol ®. Look for the active ingredient copper sulfate or soluble copper salts.. Copper does not stain and is highly recommended by some aquarists And Three: Treating a tank with snails in it with Coppersafe, Aquarisol, Cupramine, Organicure Check the active ingredients to all medications (unless you want to kill the snails) before using them, if coppersulfate isn't listed read all the ingredients to make sure on this. Even if not an active compont in what ever your using can harm. Products that use copper sulfate as active ingredients include Coppersafe and General Cure. The increased metal levels in the tank cause an alkalinity swing which in turn could cause lower kH levels allowing pH swings to occur. Fish that are not hardy can suffer from the protozoan as well as the increased stress of level fluctuations Mardel CopperSafe. Seachem Cupramine. Seachem Metronidazole. Seachem AquaZole. Seachem ParaGuard. Seachem PolyGuard. Interpet #7 Anti Slime & Velvet. Kusuri Parazoryne. eSHa Exit. JBL Oodinol. TetraMedica ContraSpot. Whitespot (Ick) API Goldfish Super Ick Cure. API Super Ick Cure. Aquarium Products Aquari-Sol. Aquarium Products CLOUT. Aquarium.

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Two common products that contain copper as the main active ingredient are Mardels, CopperSafe & Aquari-Sol. Both are excellent products that have been around for many years and you should be fine as long as you follow labeled precautions Mardel Maracyn is non-toxic to invertebrates. Follow dosage directions as detailed on the product packaging. Add the contents of one package per 10 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Repeat this 5 day treatment only once if needed. Important: Treat for 5 days even if visible signs disappear The most common choices here are Coppersafe from Mardel and Seachem's Cupramine. One such treatment is Kordon's Herbal Ich Attack which uses active ingredients consisting of five natural organic herbals. This is probably the least effective medication from my experience. The positive aspect of this treatment is the chance for any.

Fritz Industries is voluntarily recalling its Mardel Coppersafe parasite treatment for aquariums, due to the presence of incorrect dosage instructions on its label. Upon use, the incorrect instructions would result in a 217 percent increase in active ingredient concentration, potentially compromising the health of the aquatic creatures When frozen the active ingredient can become lethal to fish. NOTE: We do not recommend using any sulfur or sulfinite-based water conditioners with this product. If your normal water conditioner does not list the ingredients please verify with the maker that it does not contain these ingredients. If you notice any rotten egg smell to the product. Another member posted the active ingredients of Waterlife Protozin in the scientific forum and i also noticed today that my local LFS had small bottles of Protozin on with the active ingredients, it's definitly what i mentioned above i.e. Malachite Green (0.085% w/v), Formaldehyde (0.07% w/v) and Copper Sulphate (0.015% w/v) Mardel's Coppersafe is a very powerful treatment option for Velvet, ICH, protozoan diseases, and other ectoparasites. CopperSafe contains Copper, which both makes it very effective and easy to overdose. Once added, you don't need to re-dose CopperSafe for up to a month

ParaGuard™ already contains many of the active ingredients of StressGuard™, so using both is not necessary. StressGuard™ will not directly interact with any of the other Seachem® products, but a large overdose of reducing agents (conditioners like Prime®, ammonia detoxifiers, stress reducers, and some medications) can start to reduce. Both CopperSafe and Copper Power are chelated copper-based medications but the former has a history of providing inconsistent values within each bottle. Since the dose is crucial when dealing with copper and marine fish I prefer to use Copper Power, which builds up to exactly the levels its manufacturers state on the bottle I'd say use Mardel Coppersafe. However, there are some things you should watch out for. How big is your isolation tank? If it's under 10 gallons, your fish is as good as dead. The CopperSafe won't be properly used if the tank is small. Do you have.. Using copper based pesticides provides a safe, non-toxic way to control soft-bodied, slimy pests that can eat their way through your vegetable patch and cause considerable foliar damage to ornamentals. Organic and sustainable gardeners know that using copper in gardening repels slugs and snails without introducing harmful chemicals to the. Seachem Kanaplex: Kanaplex is a blended kanamycin based medication which is very effective against gram negative bacterial diseases as well as some fungal infections. Kanaplex can be added directly to the water column or mixed with food to treat only a specific fish

Avoid putting any metal bird bath, including a copper one, in full sunlight, however, as the metal will conduct heat more efficiently and become very hot to touch. While birds' feet are not as sensitive to heat, hotter water is less useful to keep birds cool and will evaporate more quickly. Copper can be both a beautiful accent to a bird bath. API® FUNGUS CURE fish remedy effectively treats fungus (Saprolegnia spp. & Achlya spp.), mouth fungus (Cotton Mouth Disease), Body Slime & Eye cloud and Fin & Tail Rot infections. Quickly controls contagious fungus and secondary bacterial infections. Helps prevent the growth of fungus on fish eggs prior to hatching

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Mardel Maracyn Two is a broad-spectrum antibiotic (minocycline), in a fast-dissolving powder form, effective against gram-negative bacterial diseases as well as secondary and internal infections. During treatment, Mardel Maracyn Two is absorbed by the aquarium fish, raising the concentration of minocycline to a therapeutic level to combat. item 1 Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe Solution 4 oz. Fish Parasite Treatment 42020 FM 1 - Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe Solution 4 oz. Fish Parasite Treatment 42020 FM. $8.93. The other two ingredients are Trichlorofon Organophosphate and nitroimidazole (Metronadazole), both for treating internal parasites. Trichlorfon is an. RALEIGH, N.C., April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CopperSAFE, a startup founded by two young entrepreneurs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, today announces the launch of its product lines, e. Coppersafe solution remains active for over one month in the aquarium. It is a safe, stable, non-staining concentrate that does not color aquarium water. Be sure to add Coppersafe solution to replacement water when water changes are made. This will maintain the therapeutic level of Coppersafe solution

Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe Solution 4 Oz. Fish Parasite Treatment 42020 Fm: New. US Seller. Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe Solution 4 oz. Remove invertebrates (such as jellyfish, anemones, snails, etc.) from tank Coppersafe may be harmful to plants, amphibians, and snails CopperSafe: Maintaining A Proper Therapeutic Dosage Scott, thanks for your quick response. <Glad to be of assistance!> I am going out to day to get a bigger hospital tank and a copper test kit per your advice. Do you know what is a good reading for copper in a hospital tank Active Ingredients: Capsaicin Oil, Chitosan, D-Limonene, Manuka and Neem Oil. Special note on Parashield — Do not exceed recommended dosage. This product may slow biological filtration. During use some sessile invertebrates will retract for the first several hours. This condition will be temporary and may last for up to 24 hours

Fritz Mardel - Coppersafe - 4oz. Brand: FRITZ AQUATICS. 4.6 out of 5 stars 134 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Treats 94 gallons. Not for use in reef aquariums. Live Nitrifying Bacteria eliminates Ammonia and Nitrates. Do not use Copper safe solution with fish species that have a known. Life Bearer Active ingredients: 0.0-dimehyl, 1-hydroxybenzol, 2-trichloromethyl phosphate Diseases: flukes and fish lice Lifeguard All-In-One (New) from Tetra Diseases: Ich, Fungus, Bacterial Infections Lufenuron Diseases: fish lice, anchorworm, ergasilus Contraindications: Proven to be quite effective against parasites and is an active ingredients in flea dog sprays Products. Keeping an aquarium or pond is relaxing and fascinating, and API brand is here to support you in your fish keeping journey! Whether you're a seasoned fish keeper or a first-timer, you will love using our products to help you start or maintain your ideal aquarium or pond. Browse Our Products

Unfortunately, cross-contact with other ingredients may occur. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens. Small Dishes. Curry Shrimp. yellow curry, thai chili, thai basil $ 10. Rice $ 3 Fresh Summer Rolls. shrimp, fresh herbs, lettuce, vermicelli, bean sprouts, nuoc, cham $ 8 The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is the Federal statute that governs the registration, distribution, sale, and use of pesticides in the United States Ingredients. Dried fish protein digest, salmon, wheat gluten, wheat flour, fish meal, wheat starch, plankton, lecithin, fish oil, algae meal, marigold, salmon eggs, mussels, dried kelp, brine shrimp, kelp meal, garlic, spirulina, choline chloride, magnesium sulfate, iron, inositol, a-tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium carbonate, biotin, calcium. My first serious ich outbreak. [Archive] - Aquarium Forum. View Full Version : My first serious ich outbreak. I've been lucky. I've never had an ich outbreak before - at least none I've had to treat for (I've seen the odd white spot, but they come and go). Just before Xmas I got 3 new goldfish from Walmart. Yes, I know WELCOME to the #FritzAquatics spotlight product of the week! Today we will be featuring: Fritz Coppersafe® Chelated copper treatment for the infections of: •Ick •Flukes (Gyrodactylus) •Anchor..

CopperSafe, when used as directed, maintains a total copper level of 1.5 ppm to 2.0 ppm in the water. CopperSafe remains active for over one month in the aquarium. Levels of 0.3 ppm free copper are recommended in the literature for therapeutic use, but with Coppersafe, the levels of free copper will be measured at 1.5 ppm to 2.0 ppm Many expert fish keepers recommend a combination of nitrofurazone and kanamycin as the best treatment for an outbreak of columnaris. And, I agree. I have used this treatment on more than one occasion to successfully cure my fish of columnaris. In my opinion, this treatment gives your fish the best chance of survival I have 20ppm nitrate 0ppm nitrite 0ppm ammonia 300ppm gh 0 chlorine 180ppm kh 8.0 ph Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 60g How long has the tank been running? ~9 months Does it have a filter? powerhead powered sponge filter Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 74f What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 100 or more guppies. FA Fritz Aquatics Bactershield 4 oz. $14.99. Bio-adhesive supplement repairs and strengthens the fish's natural slime coat which protects against bacterial and fungal infections. Bactershield® is a revolutionary new way to help maintain fish optimum health MARDEL coppersafe chelated copper fish ick fluke worm med fresh salt 16oz FRITZ for infections of Itch, flukes greatcoats, anchor worms, velvet protozoan diseases and other external parasites. Be sure to add coppersafe solution to replacement water when water changes are made

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KJE Aquatics. WELCOME to the #FritzAquatics spotlight product of the week! Maracyn® Two powder is a broad-spectrum antibiotic developed for use in aquariums which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. Due to its unique properties, it is absorbed by the fish through the skin You have came to the right spot for to find great deals on dog supplies and puppy supplies. We have thousands pet supplies at discount and wholesale prices. Browse a huge selection of dog training equipment, dog training supplies, pet grooming supplies and much more. You will find the best selection of dog supply items at discounted and wholesale prices CopperSafe remains active for over one month in an aquarium. Levels of 0.3 ppm free copper are recommended in the literature for therapeutic use, but with Coppersafe, the levels of free copper will be measured at 1.5 ppm to 2.0 ppm. This level of copper can be used in the treatment of fish due to Coppersafe's unique chelating agent

(These ingredients are common to many Ich treatments.) Labeled to be a gentler medicine for sensitive fish. You can also ease the fishes' introduction to the meds by dosing similar to the salt: Add half the dose in the AM and more later in the day. There are instructions on the label for dosing weaker or stronger fish. Coppersafe and other. Nauseating metallic taste. Odorless. White when dehydrated. (NTP, 1992) CAMEO Chemicals. Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate is the pentahydrate of copper (2+) sulfate. A bright blue crystalline solid. It is a hydrate and a metal sulfate. It contains a copper (II) sulfate

Rumored to be even better protection against the novel coronavirus, copper fabric face masks are increasingly more popular and, not surprisingly given previous pandemic trends (see: disinfectants, hand sanitizer, pulse oximeters), selling out everywhere from Amazon and Etsy to brand-specific sites like CopperSAFE Copper is also known to be a common ingredient in anti-aging beauty products given its properties to promote the production of collagen and elastin for healthier, softer skin! How to Wear. Before wearing or taking off your face mask it is good hygiene to wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds Ingredients. All-Natural Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Previous page. Next page. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. Customer reviews. 5 star (0%) 0% 4 star (0%) 0% 3 star (0%) 0%. Active ingredients: Poly Oxyethylene, Ethyl ENR, Ethylene Dichloride. Purpose and Benefits: AlgaeFix is a liquid algae-control product for use in ornamental fishponds, water gardens, fountains, and freshwater aquariums. AlgaeFix is specially formulated for use in ponds and aquariums containing live plants and fish

Parasite aquarium crash. 1. Take all of your fish out and toss them into the QT. Then add the recommended dosage of Coppersafe. make sure you do not treat sharks, eels, rays, or snails this way. 2. Let your aquarium run for 45 days before putting the fish back into it Organic means not chemically treated ingredients. Homeopathy is a certain type of medicine discovered by Samuel Hahnneman in the 1800's where a substance is potentized and diluted to become extremely tiny, yet powerful. The idea being each substance, with the smallest dose, cures the same symptoms it produces in large harmful doses

Coppersafe by Mardel Laboratories; which are extra sensitive to the ingredients (and can easily die before they are cured). Treat all fish for at least a week, even contrary to the directions on the label, if you want to prevent reoccurrence later. As can be seen from the complex life cycle, ich is a tenacious disease that is difficult to. Add the contents of one packet per 10 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Repeat this 5 day treatment only once if needed. Important : Treat for 5 days even if visible signs disappear. May be used concurrently with Coppersafe, Maracide, Maracyn Two or Maroxy. Refer to enclosed fish disease chart for proper combination use Before adding the 2 new bottom feeders I had some type of spotted baby catfish that died ( it had swollen eyes) so I got the water tested. They said all my levels were good. So I added the bottom feeders. A few days ago I noticed these stringy things on the fish. Told the pet store they recommended I buy Coppersafe. So I did The bottom line: Remember, the physical barrier keeping germs from escaping your mouth or nose may help us stem the spread of COVID-19 in crowded places — not the material of a mask alone. You. Page 1 of 2 - Cupramine for Ich - posted in General Pleco Talk: Anyone ever used Cupramine to treat an Ich? It's been highly recommended to me, but after 2nd treatment (today) fish are reaching for air. I did immediate 20% water change, but it will affect meds concentration. Any suggestions? P.S. I added salt (1 Tbsp per 5 gal) for 2 days in the row, increased temp to 85 - 86, and turned on an.

The best sunscreens with zinc oxide have the ingredient micronized. Some scientists argue that micronized is bad because small oxides can get into your skin and cause oxidation, yet the vast majority argue that the benefit of a micronized zinc oxide in preventing UV-induced oxidation is greater than the risk of oxide-induced oxidation CLOUT's two biggest ingredients are MEtrodiazonal, and Malachite Green. The Malachite Green is the reason why CLOUT is not allowed in certain places because fish treated with Malachite Green has been linked to causing cancer in humans who eat those fish. The Malachite Green is what causes the stain to occur to opaque silicone in aquariums

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Very effective ich medication treatment. Ingredients: Chelated Copper Sulfate. Instructions: Use 5mL for 4 gallons of water. Treats water for 1 month. Shop at PetSmart.com for CopperSafe From Mardel Labs, fish medications, fish supplies and other pet products including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and more. CopperSafe from Mardel Labs. Sincerely. Coppersafe is dangerous stuff to play with- its easy to overdose and is toxic to many creatures even in small amounts. You would need a copper test kit as well to be able to determine appropriate doses and the length of time copper stays active in a tank (ph and other compounds dissolved in your water all affect it) Active Ingredients: Chitosan, Cinnamon Oil, D-Limonene, Geranium Oil, Pine Oil, Rosemary Oil. Special note on Bactershield®: Do not exceed recommended dosage. This product may slow biological filtration. During use some sessile invertebrates will retract for the first several hours. This condition will be temporary and may last for up to 24 hours Pet Mountain's External Parasite Aquarium Remedies store features top quality products from the most trusted names in aquarium fish remedy and water treatment, including Seachem, Tetra, Kordon, Microbe-Lift, and more. Our low price leader, Seachem Metronidazole, is an effective and safe treatment for several protozoan and anaerobic bacterial. Fritz - MaxOut Pro. Only Registered Users are able to view pricing. Polishes Aquarium Water Quickly and Efficiently. Quickly Removes Toxins and Keeps Trace Elements in Balance. Works in Fresh and Saltwater. Pre-Filled Nylon Bag, No Mess. Product # 58808 - Freshwater - Treats up to 100gallons. Quick View. Quick View

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  1. Help! Treating tank 3 mos-no go. Began after broke foot, cd only top up for 1 mo- 0 gal./week. Param. great, no new equip. Exactly like velvet-started Coppersafe. Now every water change flicking, gasping in 24 hrs. Mela & Pima intermittently; mo. w & mo. w/out carbon. All alive
  2. Create Your Free SDS/MSDS Trial Account. Searching our database is easy! To take the next step to view and print an SDS/MSDS, start a free trial now! Free Trial Account Features. Unlimited searching of our industry-leading MSDSonline database. Open, view or print up to 5 safety data sheets. Save up to 25 SDS/MSDS sheets in a personal eBinder
  3. I posted this in a fish forum but nobody had been able to help. My male betta has these round, whitish things on his pectoral fins, they appear to have a bubble in them and around them the fin is whitish and possibly a red streak from irritation. I have treated him with Maracyn because he had..
  4. Research has shown that copper potentially could fight the new coronavirus, as well. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus lasted on copper for just a few hours, compared with days on stainless steel and plastic—although the New York Times notes that researchers do not think surfaces are the primary way.
  5. Gradually raise the temperature to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, by 1-2 degrees each day. Ensure plenty of aeration as warmer water contains less oxygen. The higher temperatures speed up the life cycle of ich, helping you get rid of it faster. Remove all live plants and snails from the aquarium, if there are any

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  1. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Fritz Mardel Maracyn Fast Dissolve Medicated 8 Pack Bacterial Infection Powder at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  2. Seachem Kanaplex - 5 g. Description. KanaPlex™ is a blended kanamycin based medication that safely and effectively treats several fungal, and bacterial fish diseases (dropsy, popeye, fin/tail rot, septicemia)
  3. Blood Parrot Care Sheet. Common Names: Blood Parrot Cichlid, Red Blood Parrot, Red Parrot Cichlid, Red Parrot Fish, Parrot Fish. The Blood Parrot Cichlid is a hybrid fish that was first created in Taiwan in the mid to late 1980's. Its parentage has been highly disputed, but the most commonly speculated pairings are Midas Cichlid ( Amphilophus.
  4. Chloroquine phosphate: Treats Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans), Marine Velvet Disease (Amyloodinium), Brooklynella hostilis & Uronema marinum. How To Treat - Chloroquine phosphate (CP) is a new drug that actually was widely used to control external protozoa in saltwater aquariums back in the 70s & 80s.It was even used in some aquarium medications sold at LFS
  5. Maracyn® is a specially compounded broad-spectrum antibiotic which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease

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  1. FRESHWATER VELVET - Piscinoodinium pillulare & Similar Chilodonella (also incorrectly known as oodinium which is a similar marine infestation)Also Information about COSTIA ( Ichtyobodo Necatrix) Velvet (Piscinoodinium pillulare) is a flagellate parasite with chloroplasts, while ich is a ciliate, both have similar life cycles, but unlike ich.
  2. CopperSafe-Chelated copper treatment recommended for the treatment of ick, flukes, anchor worms, velvet, protozoan diseases and other external parasites. Maracide. Maracide is a highly effective treatment for ick Trichodina and related parasitic infestations. Ick (small white spots may cover entire body
  3. VetDepot is America's trusted source for discount pet meds from leading brands including Frontline Plus, Dasuquin, Greenies and more. Shop online now
  4. Betta fungus grows best at temperatures below 26 degrees . A targeted increase in the temperature to 27-28 degrees helps combat Betta fungus. Before the temperature increase, read the profile of your fish to make sure that they can withstand these temperatures. The higher the temperature, the worse Betta fungus grows

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ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Each packet contains 10 mg Minocycline activity. Net Contents: 8-0.021 oz. (0.6 g) Powder Packets FRITZ AQUATICS Distributed by: Fritz Industries, Inc. Mesquite, TX 75149 MADE IN USA www.fritzaquatics.com Questions or Comments? Call us at 1-800-955-1323 Email: info@fritzaquatics.co Fish ick is the most common cause of fish deaths to diseases. Its full name is Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Many people simply call it ick, or ich. Some others call it fish white spot disease because the most identifiable trait of ick is white spots on the fish Add the contents of one packet per 10 gallon of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Repeat this 5-day treatment only once if needed. Important: treat for 5 days even if visible signs disapear. May be used concurrently with Coppersafe, Maracide, maracyn Two or Maracyn Oxy. SIZES: 8 packets (0.6g) 24 packets (0.6g Dr.G's SPS & LPS Coral Dip Solution is a revolutionary proprietary formula to treat corals and live rock, suffering with parasites. Very effective to eliminate and control parasites, but very gentle on Coral tissues and structures. Minimize Infestations by Parasites. No need for a Quarantine Tank. Effective on Acropora Red Bugs, Planaria. Melafix is an all-natural antibacterial treatment, prepared from certain tea tree species [2], effective against various gram positive and gram negative bacterial infections [1]. It is generally given to freshwater or saltwater aquarium fishes to help treat conditions like fin rot, tail rot, mouth fungus (cottonmouth), eye cloud, and pop-eye [1]

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The ingredients in the Melafix product have a proven track record for healing people's skin. If you look up Australian tea tree oil you find it can be used by people to get smooth skin, a healthy scalp, and can be put into your regular shampoo to moisturize and condition your hair Pearlscales are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.Their water temperature should be between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, and between pH 6 to 8.; They are mid-level swimmers, and therefore do not bottom-feed.; Pearlscales bred in Japan, Taiwan or China may be more delicate and less accustomed to Malaysian water.Pearlscales bred in different locations may also prove to be aggressive with one. So I did the dip for a slow count of 60secs three times and then put them back into the hospital set up with the coppersafe in it. My larger clown improved dramatically after the dip and began swimming around more and not being so listless near the top of the tank. On the back of this product, because it doesn't just list the ingredients in. Active ingredient: 1-chloro-2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-4-imidazolidinone. Note: Not suitable for invertebrates or newly set up aquariums. Some macroalgae may show sensitivity. Use only as directed. Do not overdose. If overdose occurs, add carbon or dechlorinator as directed for immediate neutralization Active Ingredient: Each packet contains 10 mg minocycline. General Information May be used concurrently with Coppersafe, Maracide, Maracyn, or Maracyn Oxy. Refer to enclosed fish disease chart for proper combination use. Maracyn Two will not harm invertebrates. Maracyn Two may cause excessive foam production in protein skimmers, stop use of.

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Ingredients: copper sulfate Notes: Because the Velvet parasite is only visibly present for a short time it is important to continue to dose for the full recommended number of days Velvet Disease or Piscinoödinium or Oödinium pilularis is a parasitic infestation that is very common among both salt and freshwater fish 50% Off Copper Mask Coupon (2 Promo Codes) May 2021. 50% off (1 months ago) Our most recent Copper Mask promo code was added on May 8, 2021. On average, we find a new Copper Mask coupon code every 150 days. Over the past year, we've found an average of 2.0 discount codes per month for Copper Mask