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You can always try an old trick that real estate agents often use: Check your toilet. Lift the lid of the tank and look for a date. If your house is fairly new, the toilet date will correspond closely to the construction date. And if your house is even older than that, at least you'll know when the bathroom was last remodeled The age of a building can be determined quite accurately by documentation, but when documents are not readily available, visual clues such as those available during a professional home inspection can still determine when a house was built by examining its components, building materials, even nails, fasteners, and types of saw cuts on lumber Reasons to know what period your house is. When you buy a home the mortgage lender will want to know how old the house is. This is partly so that they can understand the risk of damage caused by the property's age, and also to help them understand the value A house will probably be at least as old as, for instance, newspapers from the 1920s found in a crawlspace. Employ an architectural investigator to date the house by studying its wood, plaster, mortar and paint Other ways to find out how old your house is If you are in the process of buying the house, ask your seller or their agent. As part of a sale, the seller must complete a 'Seller's property..

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  1. A Lesson in Identifying Furniture Age. February 8, 2016. In the entry area of our living room, in our 100 year old house by the stairway, is a small sectioned off part of the room. On the end wall of that space this vintage breakfront secretary with bubble glass now sits. It fits so well, it looks like it was made for the space
  2. ing building age. Antique Nail & Spike Aging Questions and Inspection Point
  3. The electrical panel serial number or load center serial number, if present, can usually be de-coded to indicate the month and year of manufacture of the electrical panel, using a panel age decoding scheme that varies by manufacturer. Below are some panel or load center age decoders and guides for popular electrical panel brands
  4. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that a manufacturer place a large information sticker, called a data plate, on the interior of every mobile home manufactured since June 15th, 1976—and that's where you find out. The data plate provides a tremendous amount of useful info in a standardized format

Here are a few pointers to help you identify the age of a house: 1. Check the meters as they will often carry an installation date. If it is a reasonably modern house this will correspond to the build date The actual age of a structure is sometimes referred to as historical age or chronological age. It is the number of years that have elapsed since building construction was complete. Effective age is simply the difference between economic life and remaining economic life of the structure. The age is evident by the condition and utility of the.

Door Hardware: latches, knobs, hinges, key covers, keys, and fastening hardware as well as other door construction details may all be indicators of building age. Here we provide a photo gallery and comments about door hardware from various countries, and where possible we include dates and historical information. [Click to enlarge any image Read the information on the data plate, looking particularly for the date of manufacture. This represents the year the mobile home was built. Step 3 Look inside the toilet tank for a date stamp if you feel the home was manufactured before June 1976 One way to estimate a barn's age is to think about the way barns were built. If you can understand the tools, methods and patterns used by the early barn builders, you can search out evidence. Other ways to find out how old your house is Check with the solicitor you used when buying the property, they may have kept a copy If you have a mortgage, your survey may say how old the building is Your local authority may have further details about when planning permission was grante Consider using a magnifying glass to identify smaller marks. Look for any stickers, etchings or other markings that indicate the maker's brand name. Next, visually examine the window glass in each corner, looking for any etched letters or numbers. This string of text may look like a written code

The home's style, such as the roofline or materials used may be identifying factors. Narrow down the home's age by looking for a sign related to certain mobile homes, such as aluminum wiring, which the manufacturer used in models built before 1976, Realtor.com explains Gather all the existing information you can about the windows, as well as the frames and the building they are in. Search for records of previous repairs to the windows or frames. If you can identify the studio or craftsperson who did the work, you may be able to find further records through them, which may identify the age of the windows. Step If one were to analyze the overall shape or form of this building, it would be seen that it is a gable-roofed house with dormers and a wrap-around porch. It is similar to many other houses of the period. It is the wooden trim on the eaves and around the porch that gives this building its own identify and its special visual character Building Age A building's age helps to identify the type of plaster used. To determine the age of your home before digging into the walls, start with researching home documents. For instance, many.. How to Determine the Age of a Grandfather Clock. Grandfather clocks, also called longcase clocks by horologists, were invented after Dutchman Christiaan Huygens applied a pendulum as a clock.

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The Age of Innocence first appeared as installments in the Pictorial Review from July to October 1920. It was then published by Appleton in book form in October 1920 in New York and London. MCMXX is stated on the title page and 1920 is stated and copyright page of the first edition with no statements of subsequent printings Inspect the body of the doll for 2 holes near the shoulders. The head, neck, and shoulders of antique porcelain and bisque dolls are made using 1 mold. The 2 holes shows where the head area was attached to the rest of the body. The holes can also be at the base of the neck. Look at the stuffing of the doll if possible They rather identify when the RN number was first issued for the company to use. Thus, a '70s dress may have a RN number closer to 13670 than another '70s dress of comparable production time. BEST RULE OF THUMB: I've personally decided that RN numbers of 6+ digits are from the '80s or later, while RN numbers of 5 digits are of the. Nails have been in use since the beginning of the Bronze Age, ca. 1800 B.C. From that time to the beginning of the 19th century, ca. 1790-1810, most nails were made entirely by hand at the forge. A nail cutting machine designed in the 1790s cut the nail's shank and reduced hand labor to only forming the head of the nail How to Identify Your Boat. Since November 1, 1972, federal law requires all boats, including inflatables like rafts, IKs and SUP boards, manufactured in, or imported into, the US to have a unique 12-character identifier called the Hull Identification Number (HIN)

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Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Reuse Of This Bottle. Typically embossed on the bottle itself, though sometimes printed on the label, these words will date your whiskey to sometime between 1932 - 1964. Glass Date. I always save this for a last resort, but look at the bottom of your bottle Marks help with identification. British and Irish pewter is often unmarked. If marks are present, they can help in identifying when and where the item was made or used. Marks fall into three broad categories. Verification and capacity marks, often including a crown over the initials of a king or queen, or the symbol of a local authority VINTAGE FASHION TIPS: If the piece has a union tag sewn on its inside, you can confidently assume that it's vintage. This is because beginning in the '80s, most clothing was not produced by a clothing union and was rather outsourced for cheaper labor abroad. But before the majority of our clothing was made in Asian countries, the. Identify and Date Your Antique Clock. When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I had.There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost

Around six to eight days old, the chick will start to grow its first feathers. This gives it the appearance of a really bad haircut, the fuzz sticks out at angles and the feathers are incomplete at this stage. The chick will start to have a mini-molt anywhere from six to twelve weeks when its first full set of feathers will grow in Guide to Old House Styles and Architecture. There are many styles of historic homes built throughout the years, some very simple in design and others maximizing every possible detail. Here at OldHouses.com we will attempt to document architectural house styles and examples to inform and assist you when identifying a historical home Hopefully you can find out more about the mirror's age, history and value. Best of luck with your search! Daniel Wilson on November 10, 2018: A very wealthy client gave me a large mirror. They said the mirror is worth about $30,000.00. They were moving and the old mirror would not fit in their new house. It is almost ten feet tall and about 2.5. This website will help you determine what to look for when identifying and dating historic bottles. If you are attempting to estimate the approximate manufacturing date - or age - of a particular bottle (or significant sized fragment) the first page to visit would be the Bottle Dating page and its related sub-pages

One way to identify a bakelite button is to run hot water over it and then smell it. It should have the smell of formaldehyde. Some say they smell like cod liver oil or have a sweet chemical smell. Another way is to put a bit of Simichrome metal polish or 409 All-Purpose Cleaner on a Q-tip and rub it on the button The house wren and marsh wren share a range, for example, but house wrens prefer wooded areas while marsh wrens are found in reedy swamps. Nests: Where a wren builds its nest and how that nest is constructed can help with proper identification

Identifying specific construction types, whether non-traditional or modern methods of construction, can prove difficult. As such if you encounter a construction type that is If it is not obvious that the house is metal frame then the roof space is often the easiest place to confirm the construction type. The gable or flank wall normall 4. Nails. The nails on your bird can also give you some indication as to their approximate age. If the bird's nails are well overgrown, they are an older bird for sure. You can even sometimes tell by the color of the bird's legs. Darker legs are another sign of a bird that is fairly old. 5 This is the number you can use to identify the figurine and find the name. Without the number or the name you will have to rely on comparing pictures to other figurines till you find a match. Most all Hummel figurines have variations and may not match 100%. Remember each figurine is hand painted. The (R) is not important to identifying the. Children become readers by moving through different developmental reading stages. These stages range from the emergent pre-reader to the expert fluent reader. Typically, the emergent pre-reader is between six months and six years of age, while the expert fluent reader is 16 years and older Step 2. Look for a number on the key head. For example, a house key or residential door key will have a code like LR-2 or SR-1 on the head. Take the key to a hardware store and ask the key maker if they know what the letter and number designation on the key signifies. Keys usually are coded by type of lock they fit and this could identify.

6 Tips for Determining Your Cat's Age Reviewed and updated for accuracy on November 18, 2019, by Dr. Hanie Elfenbein, DVM, PhD When you adopt a cat whose history is a mystery to the shelter or rescue organization, it's hard to determine how old your new feline friend may be 1. Identify a palm by its stems. One thing that distinguishes a palm tree from other tree varieties is its unbranched stem with leaf tufts either on the end or on each side of the stem known as fronds. These bushy, often large, leaves on the stem are a most common identifier Vinyl siding too, is also pretty easy to identify. It feels like plastic, is dyed the same color throughout and when pushing on the wall of a house, it tends to flex. Like masonite siding, it is also usually labeled by the manufacturer or it may have a manufacturing code on the back side of the siding panel

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Differentiate between identification and authentication. Identifying your antique painting is only one initial part of the authentication process and amateur art-lovers can try to do it without an expert. Identification is an educated assessment of the painting's true age and provenance How to Determine the Age of Your Water Heater. Bradford White's serial numbers are a little less straightforward. The year of manufacture is noted by the first letter of the serial number, and the month is the second letter How to Identify Early Lego Bricks. The first Lego bricks had a hollow rectangular base, but no hollow tubes under the bricks. The bricks were modified in 1958 with hollow tubes for better locking ability. The earliest bricks will not have the hollow tubes. The first Lego bricks were available in the colors of red, white, yellow, blue, and black 1. Look at the Back. Turn the frame to its back, or verso, and observe it carefully. If it is warped, fit with old hardware, or has wormholes, then it is probably old. Most picture framers do not duplicate warping or wormholes on the back of a new frame even if they distress its front to look old. 2. Identify the Material

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Moon in 7th house spouse appearance. When Moon is in the 7th house of your chart, spouse will be very good looking, charming and fair. Moon is the queen of the planetary kingdom and its placement in 7th house is very good. He/She will be very childish and innocent in their look. Skin will be very silky smooth Identifying the Age of a Rocking Chair Through Materials. The lack of arms allowed the lady of the house to easily nurse an infant or sew a shirt while she rocked. These are utilitarian chairs, usually simple and made from pine. A sewing rocker in good condition from the late 1800s sold in 2020 for $125 Hi,I was wondering if you could identify this ukulele for me, and give me an idea of its quality/age. The only thing it says is Handmade Leonora on the inside. A friend of mine said it looked like a 1920's Martin by the style. It plays wonderfully: it has a really rich sound 2. Lift the cat's tail. Gently pick up the cat and cradle him or her in one arm. Use your free hand to lift the tail so you can examine the genital area. If the cat doesn't mind being handled, this may be easiest to perform while sitting on a chair or the couch, so you don't have to worry about dropping the cat

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  1. identify bees vs. wasps. swarms & bee problems. pollinator
  2. The Seth Thomas Clock Co. manufactured timepieces from the late 18th century through the middle of the 20th century, producing a number of unique styles through the years. There are several techniques you can use to identify a Seth Thomas clock, from the unique date stamp to the trademark symbol
  3. The Second set of numbers let's us identify the movement within the watch. In Example A, you'll see that after the first letter there's a B (Example A: WB3510) The B signifies that it's an in-house Breitling movement followed by the next 2 digits being the in-house movement caliber

Maintenance costs notwithstanding, I seem to recall that one reason they've come out in some places is because their usage dropped with the advent of a phone in every house, something that didn't exist when pull boxes first hit the street. Cell phones have probably help solidify those decisions Prior to the Civil War, the square grand piano was the piano of choice by American manufacturers. There were a limited number of grand pianos built during the early 19 th century, but they were few and far between. By the late 1860s and early 1870s, conventional grand piano models began to appear in the sales catalogs of most manufacturers, but were still dominated by the selection of square. Identify the number of data values for the house age data. The number of data values is? Compute the mean of the house age data. The population mean of the house age data is?. (Round to two decimal places as needed.) Compute the deviation from the mean for the first house's age of 32 years. The deviation from the mean is

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  1. e the age from the serial number if possible. Some serial numbers can be interpreted by weeks and years. So a number reading 1193CA4567 would be dated as the 11th week of 1993. Serial numbers from furnaces made after the year 2000 are often easier to decipher. For example, the serial number might have.
  2. Many budgies have a leg band that can help identify the bird's origin and age. For many bands, the birth year of the bird is indicated in the third set of numbers on the band. If the band is blank, it will not give you specific details about the bird's age or background
  3. e the approximate age your Ball mason jar. I've created a pinnable reference guide that details all of the primary logos and their manufacturing dates

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  1. There is a somewhat simple way to check the age of your AC unit. Here's how: * Go to the AC condenser outside your home. The condenser is that big square metal box usually on the side of your house with the fan inside. Look on the back and you will see a nameplate. * If you can take a picture of it, great
  2. Look for other identifying features on the label and bottle. Lem Motlow, Daniel's nephew, became the distillery proprietor in 1907, and his name appears on labels or bottles after that date. Because of prohibition laws, the distillery moved several times between 1910 and 1937, and the city of manufacture may also appear on the label or bottle
  3. Example #2 serial number: LA84501552. LA 8 4501552 = year, this could be 1988 or 1998. If the appliance looks 10 years old it is probably 1988. If the appliance only looks to be a couple of years old, probably 1998 is more likely. LA8 45 01552 †45 = 45th week of either 1998 or 1988. Top
  4. The same thing goes for the background details of the photo. If you can identify the time period a piece of furniture in the background came from, the era of house you're looking at behind the people in the photo, or even the way the landscape looked and how it has changed over time (including buildings that are in the photo that may no longer be there find out when those buildings were.
  5. If the photograph is a family portrait or group shot, try to identify other people in the photo. Look for other photos from the same family line which include recognizable details — the same house, car, furniture, or jewelry. Talk to your family members to see if they recognize any of the faces or features of the photograph
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How To Read Your Vedic Kundali. Identify Your Rising Sign or Ascendant: In the kundli mentioned below, the first step is to identify the ascendant sign. The number mentioned in the first house represents the rising or ascendant sign of the native. The planets in one's kundali are denoted by numericals (1-12) and houses by roman numbers (I-XII) If the gallery or framer is still in business, contact them, and ask if they can identify the artist. If you have numbers chalked on the frame, it is likely that the picture has been through auction at some point, and if there is an auction house mark or label on the frame, you have another place to check This is a guide about identifying an antique desk. It can be difficult to identify vintage and antique furniture. Checking the bottom of the desk and of the drawers might reveal a manufacturers stamp or seal. Scour the internet for similar pieces. Otherwise contact a dealer or appraiser House of State 7yr 86pf, ~1960; Old Fitzgerald Prime, 86.8pf, Half Gallon ~1968; Old Taylor Bonded, Half Pint, 1968-1975; Very Old Fitzgerald 8yr, 750ml ~1981; David Nicholson 1843 7yr Bonded, 1972-1980; Ancient Ancient Age 10yr, 86pf, 4/5 qt ~1967; Old Fitzgerald Diamond Decanter, 4/5qt, Bonded, 195

To prevent the need for extensive house foundation repair, take a few minutes to learn to recognize the 8 signs that might mean that something is wrong with your foundation. After all, problems are very common and can prove costly. While foundation repair costs for slab and pier and beam foundations generally range from $4,000-$8,500 for an average-sized house, the price can be much higher if. Morphy Auctions. This antique desk style, popular from the late 1800s through the early 1900s, is said to have originated in England. Two-sided desks such as these were often used by bankers who wished to work together for convenience. They are the same on each side allowing individuals to face one another Identifying all the different types of pipe in your home requires a little detective work, because most homes are originally built with multiple pipe materials: one for water and a second type—or sometimes a combination of two types—for drain pipes. Over the years and with remodeling and repairs, newer types of pipe may have been added Mica was, and still is, a popular decoration material on ornaments to mimic snow. The texture of the mica on an ornament, or any Christmas decoration, can help identify the item's age. The earliest mica used a larger grain which created a more bumpy, textured surface, says Martin. Sometimes bits of mica flake off or goes missing Fifty percent of mental illness begins by age 14, and three-quarters begins by age 24. Major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder rarely appear out of the blue. Most often family, friends, teachers or individuals themselves begin to recognize small changes or a feeling that something is not quite right about.

Discovering the age of a cooling system is simple once you know how. (Figuring out what to do afterwards is the tricky part!) Finding the Manufacturer's Date of Your Air Conditioner. Go to the outside cabinet of the air conditioning system. You'll find a metal nameplate attached to it containing the system's technical specs The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers. Some pianos do not have serial numbers when they are manufactured as House Brands for large retailers The average age of Members of the House at the beginning of the 116th Congress was 57.6 years; and law. Most Members identify as Christians, and the collective majority of these affiliate with a Protestant denomination. Roman Catholics account for the largest single religious denomination, and numerous othe

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First, try different lighting sources and angles of light. A crock or jug taken out in the sunlight might yield details not seen indoors. Taking a bright light and angling it parallel to the crock's surface can help accentuate impressions in the clay. Try a rubbing. Take a piece of paper and place it over the mark There is no simple scientific way to test or determine the age of mold. In the lab, most molds can go through the full growth cycle (i.e., from spore germination to vegetative growth and spore production) in 7 days. Some fast growing molds can take 2-3 days to go through the cycle

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How to Trace an IP Address in 2021: Sleuthing for the New Age. Finding someone's IP address is a great way to work out where they are and to get other information about the connection How to Identify the Age of a Windsor Chair by Jan Czech / in Hobbies . Windsor chairs were first manufactured in England in the early 18th century and are named after the English village where they were first made. Around 1740 they were produced in America, first in Philadelphia. As their popularity grew, they could be found in all areas of the. The house is at Northwest to the road and road is towards Southeast to the house, this house is called as Southeast facing house. The exact degrees for this direction is 135°. 90° is the East direction and 180° is the South direction. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested. The following is a brief chronology of paper history.Paper has been traced to about. 105 AD China.It reached Central Asia by 751 and Baghdad by 793, and by the 14th century there were paper mills in several parts of Europe. 105: Paper making invented in China. 400: Invention of true ink in China

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Apr 30, 2015 - Antique baskets are collected for investment purpose, and for their beauty and functionality. The resale value remains steady for distinct antique baskets; most notably Native American baskets. Many different types of antique baskets were made from all over the world as well. There is quite the variety to be found for The most prevalent breed of squirrel in North America is the Eastern gray squirrel. It's the one you see running around the park in the spring. It's easy to tell their age based on visual clues found in pictures. If you find a baby squirrel and want to take it home, consider that it's not legal to keep a squirrel as a pet in every state

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Find the History of Your House. Interested in when your house was built? Curious about who owned your home before you, or what was on the land a century ago? Here is some information about archival sources that can help you answer these questions. To see the records, please visit the Archives Identify Your Furniture. There are thousands of shop marks, labels and tags out there, so where to begin identifying a specific mark? The following resources will help: Identify the age of your furniture. Is it 19th, or 20th century? Late Victorian, Art Nouveau or Deco These walls transfer the vertical load of the house straight to the foundation or some other element that undergirds it. This makes load-bearing walls a key structural element of any building. Ways to Identify a Load-Bearing Wall. There are a few different ways to identify which the load-bearing walls in your house are

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All gypsum products manufactured in North America are going to be readily identifiable in multiple ways. 1. End Tapes. Most drywall comes packaged as a set of two boards, with the short ends of the boards secured together with what we call end tapes. These pieces of paper help keep the two boards together, but also serve to identify the product If your painting is valuable, approach a local auction house. Look for one that specialises in works of art for the best advice. How to Identify an Original Watercolour Versus a Print. Many years ago, I bought a picture from a junk-sale believing it to be a valuable watercolour. In fact, it was only a print, but it was a very good one Different films, different people Each year a small number of new release films, 6-10 titles, become 'events'. These films such as the new James Bond, the latest Disney family feature and other big action titles such as the Marvel films or 'sagas' such as Twilight and The Hunger Games, are the bedrock of commercial cinema. These are [ By 1960, White had merged with Husqvarna Viking. You can find the age of White sewing machines using the serial number stamped on each machine or printed on a tag affixed to the machine. Kristine Ratanaphruks/Demand Media. Examine the outside of the sewing machine for a number stamped in the metal or a tag that contains the serial number

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Believers begin to follow signs and wonders, instead of signs and wonders following believers. This is a sign of spiritual immaturity. The Christian writer/preacher A. B. Simpson wrote these insightful words: Once it was the blessing, now it is the Lord. Once it was the feeling, now it is His Word. Once his gifts I wanted, now the Giver own Customer segmentation is a major first step in defining who you are customers and what defines them as a group. The more data and details you can use to define your customers the more you will understand them. That, in turn, will help you understand how your product or service fits into why they will buy Tape the cone to the top of the turret for a roof. Cut the poster board the length of the shoebox and 6 inches wide. Bend each long edge 1 inch on each side to create a porch. Tape the porch to the front of the house. Cut a piece of poster board to measure 3 inches square. Accordion pleat the board every 1/2 inch to make a front door stairway As the players move around the house, they should place a Sound Sensor to pick up ghostly noises. If there is a ghost present, the EMF Reader will start beeping, or the temperature in the room will drop to 10 degrees Celsius or below. These are both pieces of evidence players will use to identify the kind of ghost