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Check out hoyt's star anise whole 12g at woolworths.com.au. Order 24/7 at our online supermarket If you are using a screen reader to navigate the Woolworths website please select the Accessibility On switch in accessibility settings Place the blackberries, star anise, vanilla, sugar and 1/3 cup (80ml) water in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a simmer. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 mins. Set aside to cool slightly. Transfer to a bowl. Place in the fridge for 1 hour or until chilled. STEP 2. Divide ice evenly among serving glasses Combine the wine, cider and orange juice in a slow cooker. Stir in the sugar, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and vanilla. Cook on high, stirring occasionally, for 1 hour or until sugar dissolves and mixture is aromatic. STEP 2. Add the sliced orange and apple to the mulled wine just before serving Hoyts Bay Leaves. Hoyts Bouquet Garni. Hoyts Capers French. Hoyts Caraway Seed. Hoyts Cardamon Pods. Hoyts Chilli Powder. Hoyts Chillies Dried Crushed Hot. Hoyts Chillies Dried Crushed Hot. Hoyts Chinese Five Spice Star Anise is an essential component of Chinese Five Spice powder and is used in many Oriental recipes, especially those made with duck. Star Anise also adds flavour to stewed compotes of fruit when placed in whole during cooking. Produce of China packed in Australia. SKU:SKU36162. The key ingredient in Chinese five spice powder, sprinkle into.

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  1. Star anise is the seed pod from the fruit of the Illicium verum plant, an evergreen shrub native to Southwest China. The star anise pod, which is shaped like a star (hence its name), has an average of eight points, each containing a single pea-sized seed. Both the seeds and the pod are used in cooking and contain the sweet, potent anise flavor
  2. Made with the highest quality ingredients, McCormick Pure Anise Extract is a staple for flavoring a variety of baked goods. Featuring premium oil of anise, Pure Anise Extract delivers rich licorice flavor to enhance all your favorite recipes. Just 1/2 teaspoon of extract equals 1 tablespoon of anise liqueur
  3. Star anise is a spice made from the fruit of the Chinese evergreen tree Illicium verum.. It's aptly named for the star-shaped pods from which the spice seeds are harvested and has a flavor that.

Despite the similarities in their name and flavor, anise and star anise are two very different spices. True anise, an herb in the parsley family, produces small seeds with a potent, licorice-like flavor. Star anise is the star-shaped fruit of a tree -- a member of the magnolia family -- native to warm-climate areas of southern China and Indochina Herbs & Spices. Add pure flavour to your home cooking with MasterFoods™ herbs and spices. Each and every jar is packed with intense flavour and aroma to elevate all your sweet and savoury dishes in seconds

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3 star anise 1/2 tsp cardamon powder 1 lemongrass stick, bottom half of the stick only and smashed (Note 5) 400ml / 14 oz coconut milk (1 standard can) 2 tsp tamarind puree / paste, or tamarind pulp soaked in 1 tbsp of hot water, seeds removed (Note 6) 4 large kaffir lime leaves (or 6 small) , very finely sliced (Note 7 5 star anise; 4-5 garlic cloves; 1 small knob of ginger, sliced; 1 serrano or medium heat chili, split open. 4 stems shallots, chopped. Instructions. 24 hours prior to cooking, take the belly and rub generously with the dry brine mix. Place fat side down on a baking tray lined with several pieces of paper towel, and put in the fridge overnight. Meanwhile, make the anglaise. Toast the star anise in a medium saucepan, over a low-medium heat, and then add the milk. Bring to a very light simmer, then remove from heat. Allow to steep and cool for 10 minutes. Make an ice bath by adding ice cubes and a small amount of cold water into a large mixing bowl and rest a smaller mixing bowl in the ice Chef's Choice Pure Anise Extract 100mL. $ 5.99. Chef's Choice Pure Anise Extract is a versatile extract with a subtle licorice flavour, which you can add into your cooking. Simply add a dash of extract to your favourite recipes such as desserts, cakes and icings. Natural, unique and undeniably delicious

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before you take a dip in the ginge, we need you to confirm you are of legal drinking age in your country of residence cheers When shopping, look for names like dried prickly ash, dehydrated prickly ash, dried peppercorn, flower pepper, and Indonesian lemon pepper. No matter the name, however, Sichuan peppercorn is simple to recognize. The distinctive pinkish-red seed husks are sold in clear plastic bags alongside star anise and other Chinese spices and seasonings Add cinnamon and star anise. 3. And remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30-40 minutes until liquid has reduced and beetroot is cooked. 4. Sterilise jars by placing them in a saucepan of boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove and dry in a low oven Step 1: Heat both sachets of my fragrant Pho soup in a medium saucepan with 400ml of water until boiling. Step 2: Add rice noodles, herbs sachet and tofu to boiling soup for 5 minutes. Step 3: To serve: Divide noodles and tofu between serving bowls, pour over the hot broth and top with crunchy bean shoots and fresh mint

Fast & Free shipping on many items! However my wife wants Chai Tea and can only enjoy if I can buy it. Our unique Original Masala Chai Blend combines premium black tea with pure honey, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, peppercorn and ginger root for the ultimate taste sensation. It is made from the finest black tea leaves available, aromatic freshly ground spices and organic coconut. Preheat oven to 200°C. Rinse duck and pat dry with paper towel. Combine spice, sugar and salt. Rub into skin and cavity. Place duck, breast-side down on a greased rack in a roasting pan. Place garlic, ginger and star anise inside duck. Combine soy, shaoxing and honey in a saucepan and simmer for 1 minute Oct 29, 2016 - Explore Ricky Cole's board Coles recipe on Pinterest. See more ideas about cooking recipes, yummy food, cooking

Cook, stirring often, until the nuts are starting to smell fragrant, about 3 minutes. Add the sesame seeds to the pan and continue cooking, stirring often, until the sesame seeds are turning lightly golden on the edges. Remove the pan from the heat, and transfer the nut and seed mixture to a food processor 1 hr ·. Check out our Sticky Chai in action and poured to perfection! Combining the wonderful flavours of Ceylon loose leaf black tea and 100% Australian native honey, with a blend of spices including cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, ginger and black pepper for a distinctive taste you'll love. We recommend to serve it on soy or oat milk On crystal balls. See also Scrying: How to get started, and Crystals: How to buy your first one, both by Donyae Coles. Ways to use star anise in your magical practice. What does it mean if you have the moon in Pluto in your astrological chart? Spirituality lilnkage. How Brighid became Maman Brigitte

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Ingredients 200g butter, softened 1 1/2 cups (330g) brown sugar 1/4 cup (60ml) golden syrup 4 Coles Australian Free Range Eggs 2 1/2 cups (375g) self-raising flour 1 cup (250ml) milk 1 tbs ground ginger 1 tsp mixed spice Ground nutmeg, to sprinkle Chocolate gingerbread biscuits, to decorate Rosemary sprigs, to decorate Star anise, to decorate EGGNOG FROSTING 250g butter, softened 500g icing. 1 star anise. 1 strip peeled orange zest. 2 bay leaves. pinch saffron. juice half lemon. 200-250g punnet cherry tomatoes, halved. pinch cayenne pepper or crushed dried chillies. 350g peeled Atlantic prawns. 25-50g/1-2 oz butter, to taste. chopped parsley. Method. Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Lay the pastry (a piece about 18cm x 23cm) on a. Anise seed is perhaps the first spices ever known by the human race. A type of plant native to Egypt, anise seed is included of the Umbelliferous group, that also consists of cumin, fennel, caraway, and dill. Anise has been consuming for its therapeutic along with its food quantities To make masala tea, you can use any of the favorite spices like star anise, green cardamoms, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, pepper corn and nutmeg. Masala chai is made in so many flavors all to suit one's liking. So you can also easily customize it your taste. There are 2 basic ways to make it. I have shared both the ways here on this post

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  1. utes . Cook Time: 10
  2. 1 liter Coles chicken stock. 1 liter water . 1 cinnamon stick . 1 star anise . 1 tbsp fresh ginger, sliced . ¼ bunch coriander, stems and leaves separated. 300g Coles skinless chicken breast . sea salt and ground white pepper to taste . 2 tbsp fish sauce . 1 head round lettuce, washed and chopped into strips . 100g bean sprouts . 2 tbsp chili.
  3. The Spruce / Lindsay Krieghbaum Recipes With Cardamom . Interestingly enough, one of the countries that consume the most cardamom is Sweden, where cardamom is employed to season everything from baked goods to hamburgers and meatloaves. It matches well with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in autumn-spiced recipes, and these spices are also included with cardamom in Indian spice mixtures, such as.

Whole Star Anise Seeds Pods 4 Ounces, 100% Natural Whole Chinese Anise Star Pods Sun Dried Spice, Anis Estrella/Badian Khatai/ Illicium Verum, Widely Used for Baking, Cooking, and Tea. 4 Ounce (Pack of 1) 4.7 out of 5 stars. 168. $7.99 Instructions. Add onion and pork to slow cooker, stir together soy sauce, five spice, garlic powder, ginger and sweet chilli sauce then pour over the pork. Dissolve the oxo cube in the boiling water and pour into the slow cooker then add the star anise. Cook on high for 4+ hours or on low for 6+ hours. Once the pork is falling apart easily. R Extraction of trans-anethole from star anise A macroscale direct method for steam distillation is used to extract the essential oil, which is composed primarily of trans-anethole, from the star anise spice. In this method, the steam is generated in situ by heating the ground dry spice material and water in the distillation flask (Figure 2). Safety Diethyl ether is highly flammable, handle.

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For chai kombucha, place place 3 cups plain kombucha (made as above), 5 cloves or cadamom pods, I cinnamon stick, broken up, a 3 cm knob of ginger or tumeric, cut into matchsticks and 1 star anise. 2 star anise; 2 cups water; wide, flat slivers of orange rind; squeeze of fresh orange juice dash of vanilla essence (optional) 1 x 750ml bottle of fruity red wine; dash of whisky (optional) Garnish: orange rind twist; slices of fresh orange; cinnamon sticks; star anise; Trust us, the whiskey kicker is definitely worth a try. (Supplied) Method Step Two. With the oil and soy sauce warm (but not scalding) throw in the minced garlic and shallot and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes by themselves, then, add everything else to the party - mushrooms, chilis, nori, a grating of fresh ginger, a piece of cinnamon, and a star anise. If you don't have whole cinnamon sticks, use just 2-3 pinches. Available in 20s. Tetley Twist with Cinnamon and Orange evokes the warm, homey feeling that you get during the holiday season. Naturally caffeine-free, our blend of rooibos leaves, cinnamon, orange blossoms and orange peel along with warming spices like star anise, cardamom, and cloves results in a magical Christmas-y taste you can enjoy year-around 2 - 4 star anise , 2 gives a very subtle flavour, 4 will make it more pronounced 8 cups / 2 litres flavourful stock/ broth , I highly recommend Pacific Natural Foods Mushroom Broth 60mls / ¼ cup tamari or soy sauce 800 grams udon noodles , or any other kind of noodle (rice noodles are great if you need to keep the recipe gluten-free

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6. Anise extract is not available at the supermarket you can order from Natural Moorish online (in Australia) or at specialty food suppliers. You can make your own, but this takes a lot of time in soaking fennel or star anise in Vodka for months at a time. I use Chefs Choice and buy from a local store Bibina Instructions. Using a mortar and pestle and working in batches, pound the shallots, garlic and 10 of the star anise until a rough paste forms. Heat the vegetable oil in a heavy-based stockpot over. Fennel is a perennial herb with yellow flowers and a flavor similar to licorice. Fennel is a main ingredient in liquors such as Absinthe and toothpaste Instructions. Place the beef bones and stewing meat into a large stockpot and add enough water to cover. Bring to a full boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Discard the water and gently rinse the meat and bones. Return the meat and bones to the pot and cover with 2 quarts (2 liters) of fresh, cold water

1. Strain the solid ingredients. Pour the kecap manis through a colander or strainer with wide gaps. The sticky, thick syrup will take its time passing through, but all of the actual sauce should eventually make it to the other side. The solid ingredients like the star anise, garlic, and ginger will be strained out Method. STEP 1. Preferably in a spice grinder (but if you don't have one, in a pestle and mortar) grind 1 tsp of the fennel seeds with the peppercorns, star anise and salt as finely as you can then stir through the paprika and whole fennel seeds and set aside. STEP 2. Using a craft knife (also known as a tiling knife or a Stanley knife) and a. whole star anise . 1-inch piece cinnamon, or 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon. 1/2 teaspoon . whole white peppercorns, or ground pepper. 1/4 teaspoon . grated nutmeg. 1/4 teaspoon . salt . 5 to 6 . dried hot red Thai chilies, soaked in warm water for about 15 minutes and drained. 2 . lemongrass stalks, tender hearts only. 4 to The 2018 festive season is open, so why not stand out by bringing Christmas in a bottle, bootlegger style. We have brought back our spicy, syrupy, delicious Christmas Gin at 40% alc/vol. with all the hallmark Australian Christmas flavours of cherries, star anise, cinnamon, fig, orange and with the depth of juniper you'd expect from a gin

Liquor.com / Tim Nusog. This bittersweet liqueur is originally of Italian provenance, and is flavored with walnuts and various spices. This version, which calls for vodka, maple syrup, sugar, walnuts, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom pods, vanilla beans and star anise pods, require's a month's steeping time, but once you add all the ingredients into a jar, it only requires time. In high pressure cooker or a large pot, add ginger, green onion, star anise, soy sauce and Sichuan peppercorn and pork; pour enough water to cover the pork meat. Add 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce too. For high pressure cooker, cook for around 20 minutes until the pork is soft

Teapot and Strainer. Add 1 teaspoon of Dandy Chai per serve in boiling water. Brew for 2-3 minutes and strain if required. Add milk, honey or sweetener to taste. If using milk use a ration of approximately 1/2 water to 1/2 milk. Kintra Foods Dandy Chai is available in convenient packs of 32 filter bags (90g), 150g jars and 15kg boxes Add ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder, ginger powder, 1 star anise, 4 cloves, or desired amounts. Stir until sugar and powders are dissolved. Strain through cheesecloth and bottle, or serve immediately. Hot cross rum: Add all ingredients except hot cross bun in shaker to combine and emulsify. Add mixed ingredients and 1 x hot cross bun into blender Herbie's Spices - Buy Spices Online. Box of Ideas - Winter 2021. $25.00. KOFTA SPICE BLEND 30g. $5.80. The Complete Pantry - in Pine-Lidded Storage Box. $219.00. THE SPICE & HERB BIBLE 3rd Edition - Soft Cover. $39.95 8. Great for Acne: When fennel seeds are eaten on a regular basis, they provide the body with valuable minerals like zinc, calcium and selenium. These minerals are very helpful to balance hormones and in helping up the oxygen balance. When consumed, fennel has a cooling impact on the skin, hence giving a healthy glow. 9 76 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay 02 9358 1688 Store Details. Bottega Del Vino. Bottega Del Vino. 1/77 Macleay St, Potts Point, NSW, 2011, Australia 02 9331 8333 Store Details. Auburn Meadow Meats. Auburn Meadow Meats. 694 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay, NSW, 2029, Australia 02 9371 7071 Store Details

Non Alcoholic Sangria Tips. Use a flavored sparkling water for even more great fruit taste.; Alternatively, use some sort of soda, which will also make the drink sweeter. Swap the grape juice for cranberry juice or pomegranate juice.Or try using grapefruit juice instead of orange juice.; To really allow the flavours to meld, chill the sangria mocktail pitchers for 4 hours, or even overnight A cinnamon stick (you can substitute ground cinnamon), whole star anise, dried bay leaf, whole dried chillies (use what you love; I use cayenne) or substitute ground Kashmiri chili powder. Plus coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ground turmeric, fresh grated nutmeg. You should know by now I am a big advocate of fresh grated nutmeg

Here is how to make the Keto Rice Pudding (very simple!): In a saucepan, combine konjac rice with 1 ½ cup heavy cream, sweetener, salt, and spices. Cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes until somewhat dense. Beat an egg and stir it in with the remaining ½ cup heavy cream 4.8 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Star Anise, Whole, Organic, Steenbergs (18g) 4.8. (5) Buy any 3 selected Steenbergs spices & get 10% off. £2.60. (£1.44 per 10g) One delivery only Every Week Every Other Week Every Three Weeks Every Four Weeks Every Eight Weeks. in basket

I am often asked about seafood - where do I buy it from and what do I buy. First things first. Like all food, not all seafood is created equal. Some seafood is wild (as nature intended) and some are farmed (in man-made hatcheries). And there is a WORLD of difference between the two! Farmed fis Whole Illicium verum 250 gram. Star Anise. 100% Star Anise, no additives. Excellent quality. Supplied in a ziplock bag Look for the blue tin in Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets. with a blend of spices including cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, ginger and black pepper for a distinctive taste you'll love. We recommend to serve it on soy or oat milk! Available now at Woolworths..

Star Anise 100g. Alternate Name: Chinese anise Botanical Name: Illicium verum Plant Family: Illiaceae Country/Region of Botanical Origin : Southern China Countries/Regions of Cultivation : China, Laos, Vietnam Season of Harvest : Late summerthroughearlywinter Parts Used : Seed pods, Seeds Colour : Dark brown, with polished tan seeds OzSpice. Star anise and cloves are often primary ingredients, and there's not even a hint of citrus. It's not a good alternative to shichimi togarashi - in fact, the flavor is so strong in Chinese five-spice powder that it will completely change the recipe's overall expected taste chicken giblets with star anise Bring everything to a boil over medium heat in a wok. Cover, then simmer over low heat for 1 to 2 hours with occasional stirring 8 star anise. 6 pieces ginger, size of a quarter each 1/16 inch thick. 1 c. soy sauce. 1 c. chicken stock. 1 tsp. sesame oil. 1 tbsp. sugar. Bring everything to a boil over medium heat in a wok. Cover, then simmer over low heat for 1 to 2 hours with occasional stirring. Check for desired degree of tenderness Place the tea bags, water, vanilla extract, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, and turmeric into a medium-sized pot and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Reduce the heat to low and let simmer for 3 to 5 minutes. Pour the tea mixture through a strainer to remove the whole spices. Fill two glasses with ice and pour the tea over.

Put the fennel, bay leaves, garlic, cardamom, star anise and half the fennel seeds into a hot roasting tray on the hob with a little oil and heat for about 2 minutes until aromatic. Push to the side of the tray, then add the pork, skin side down, and cook for at least 5 minutes until turning golden brown Jason Crawley's favourite. Originally created to make incredible tasting Whisky Sours and Old Fashioneds quickly. This liquid is pregnant with organic honey, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg and fresh green apple. Spiced Honey Apple also plays a powerful 'mulling' syrup role with red or white wine for hot winter Punches and. This recipe calls for Chinese five-spice powder, a unique combination of cinnamon, cloves, fennel seed, star anise, and Szechuan peppercorns. Get the recipe: Slow-Cooker Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder. 8 of 13 View All. 9 of 13. Save FB Tweet More. Pinterest Email Send Text Message Print

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Natural Castile soap is ideal for use in the garden as a non-toxic wetting agent and base for bug sprays. Try combining 20 mls of liquid soap with 1 litre of warm water. Add ½-1 tsp of crushed garlic or cayenne pepper for insects, or 10 mls of vinegar to tackle powdery mildew Spice up your roast organic lamb with a quick, easy and delicious rub made with fragrant crushed star anise and fiery dried chilli flakes. 1. Heat your oven to 220°C/Fan 200°C/Gas 7. Unwrap the meat. Pat it dry and put it in a roasting tin. Let it get up to room temperature. 2. Finely grind the. How to Use: To make wonderful semolina porridge; bring 1 cup of dairy and 1/2 cup of water to the boil in a thick-bottomed pot. Reduce heat and whisk or stir in 1/2 cup semolina 2 pieces whole star anise Directions. Place shrimp and scallops in separate medium microwave-safe bowls and cover with at least 2 inches of boiling water. Set aside to soak for a minimum of 1 hour or up to 2 hours. (Alternatively, you can soak the shrimp and scallops in cold water overnight in the refrigerator. 6. Chinese five spice. If you don't enjoy Old Bay Seasoning then try something completely different and use Chinese 5 spice. It is a blend of star anise, cloves, fennel, Szechuan peppercorns, and cinnamon. This is a sweeter spice blend but is versatile and is suitable for adding to red meat, seafood, or poultry. 7

Coles Finest Beef & Pumpkin Rendang is a common food consumed in Australia. It is usually available from Coles Supermarkets nationwide. Energy in Finest Beef & Pumpkin Rendang. There are 125 calories (523kJ) per 100 grams of Coles Finest Beef & Pumpkin Rendang. Carbs and Fat in Coles Finest Beef & Pumpkin Rendan Heat peanut oil in the pan and sear beef. Set aside beef and roast dry spices. Put meat back in the pan, add coconut milk, stock, coconut shavings, and lemongrass tops. Cook for 8 hours in a slow cooker set to low. This dish speaks flavor and aroma, period. The unique flavors of this Malaysian classic would be impossible to put into words Our signature chai blend made with black tea and cloves, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and ginger is a simply sensational sip when a splash of milk and honey are thrown into the mix. Our chocolatey Choc Chip Chai and Go Go Goa are also keen to partner-up with milk and honey Welsh whisky (Welsh: wisgi Cymreig) is a whisky made in Wales.Whisky has been distilled in Wales since the Middle Ages, but production died out in the late nineteenth century. In the 1990s attempts were made to revive the practice, resulting in the establishment of Wales's first distillery in over one hundred years On star anise in savory dishes: yes, yes, yes. Alone or as part of Chinese 5-spice blend. Great in stir-fry dishes & on chicken. Also recommended for pork. Probably too strong for delicate fish but ok for seafood

I use a recipe of elderberries, star anise, cloves, cinnamon and local raw honey. Lasted several months in refrigerator and when I started symptoms of sneezing and runny nose, I started first with 2 TB. Of syrup, then only 1 TB. about every 3 -4 hours, a long with 5 drops of colloidal silver in Neti-Pot, and I was fine in 36 hours Instructions Checklist. Step 1. Place the beef knuckle in a very large (9 quart or more) pot. Season with salt, and fill pot with 2 gallons of water. Bring to a boil, and cook for about 2 hours. Advertisement. Step 2. Skim fat from the surface of the soup, and add the oxtail, radish and onions. Tie the anise pods, cinnamon stick, cloves. Mix cinnamon with star anise and rub into the fat. Spread two-thirds of apricot glaze over ham (keep the rest for basting). Press brown sugar over the top, ensuring sugar gets into score marks. Put ham in a roasting tin, add 2cm water and cook for 1-1½ hours, basting with remaining glaze from time to time. Check it every 20 minutes to avoid. Heat oil in a stewing pan over a medium heat and add the onion, ginger, star anise and cinnamon. Cook for a few minutes to soften then add the curry paste. Cook for a further 3-4 minutes and then add the tomatoes. Cook for 1-2 minutes stirring regularly then add stock and bring to the boil. Add the coconut milk, potatoes and peas and season.

Buy Whole Star Anise! in 2020 | Star anise, Anise, Anise seedStar Anise - Cosmetics Fragrance DirectSchwartz Star Anise Whole RefillWhole Star Anise | Australia | The Source Bulk FoodsStar Anise Whole 100g | Shopee PhilippinesStar Anise 1kg Herbs & Spices - ozSpice | eBay

Coles Chicken Pho W Noodles is a common food consumed in Australia. It is usually available from Coles Supermarkets nationwide. Onion Flakes, Coriander Seeds, Ginger, Coriander, Chilli Powder, Cloves, Cinnamon, Fennel, Star Anise, Pepper, Natural Flavour,. Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker. Stir the wine, brandy, maple syrup, cloves, star anise pods, cinnamon sticks, and orange peel together in a 3- to 4-quart slow cooker. Heat on LOW for 1 hour. Cover and heat on the LOW setting until hot, about 1 hour. Lower the heat to warm, ladle into mugs, and garnish Heat oil in a wok or large pot over high heat. Saute ginger and garlic until aromatic. Add the beef brisket. Sprinkle wine and stir to combine. Pour in stock and water. Add star anise, bay leaves, white peppercorns and rock sugar. Cover and bring it to boil. Cook for about 30 minutes. Turn off the heat. Don't remove the lid Delicious for drinking with food, dry red wines (dry meaning they have less sugar) are also useful in cooking. As with white wines, the acidity in red wine will punch up other flavors in the dish, provided there's not too much tannin or oak flavors to overshadow the food Fans of classic French dessert will also love our colourful rhubarb tarte tatin, delicately flavoured with star anise. 4. Rhubarb crumble muffins. Another tasty reinvention of the classic crumble comes in the form of our moreish rhubarb crumble muffins. These generously sized bakes have a beautifully moist texture from the rhubarb stalks.