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I'm not a Mac user so I can't help with steps to fix your problem. But SecureAccess is on the flash drive when you buy it. If it's not you might want to return it to the seller Occasionally, your Mac has already recognized the USB flash drive but not shown it on the desktop. Thus, you should go to Finder > Preferences > General and make sure the External disks option is ticked. Then you'll see the USB flash drive showing up on Mac desktop. Fix 3 Your flash drive may not be registering with your Mac due to an issue of insufficient power. This is especially prone to happen if you use a bus-powered USB hub and have multiple devices connected simultaneously. Your Mac or MacBook may not be supplying enough power to adequately service all of the devices

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  1. 1 - Right click on the flash drive icon and click Format; this opens the format window. 2 - Go to the File system. 3 - Toggle between NTFS and FAT32 and click Start. This will reformat your flash drive and it will fix the flash drive not recognized issue. In case this method fails to fix the error, then follow the next method
  2. Press the Command-Spacebar buttons simultaneously, plug in the flash drive and go to the Application Click on the Disk Utility option. You will be able to find the flash drives that need to be fixed in the left panel. Click on the Erase button to complete the process
  3. If your USB is not recognized by the computer and becomes unallocated space, it probably results from outdated USB driver. Thus, you should try to reinstall the USB device driver. Step 1. Connect the USB flash drive to the PC. Step 2. Navigate to Control Panel > System > ''Device Manager > Disk drivers. Step 3

sandisk usb thumbdrive Manual setup Guide for Mac - get it to work on both Mac and pc window SanDisk Flash Drive Not Detected by Windows PC. USB drives are important tools in transferring files as well as bootable devices in booting systems. However, USB drive is not recognized by Windows happens now and then. One user just complained that his SanDisk 128GB USB flash drive is not recognized on the computer in his Windows 7

Flash Drive Not Recognized After using my 128-GB Sandisk flash drive to put files back on my Mac, my Windows computer no longer recognizes it, but the Mac can still recognize it and all the data. Formatting it does not solve the problem Make sure SanDisk Cruzer is properly connected to PC. When your SanDisk Cruzer flash drive, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card or other storage devices cannot be recognized or deleted by the computer, just follow the solutions below to resolve this issue and recover your data. Part 1. Fix SanDisk Cruzer is not recognized issu STEP 1 - Insert the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive into a USB port on the computer and verify the drive is detected and the drive mounts. NOTE: This may take up to 60 seconds to detect when connecting. Mac users see Wireless Flash Drive not detected on Mac USB port Windows PC users, follow the below instructions if drive is not detected Faulty or damaged SSD can also lead to SanDisk SSD not detected in BIOS. In this case, you can run some diagnostic tools like SMART or Checkdisk to debug the issue. You may check the return policy and replace the drive if you fail to repair the SanDisk SSD. Situation 2

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  1. Your SanDisk Cruzer USB or flash drive is faulty or infected by a virus. Your Windows device drivers are outdated. It could be due to a drive letter conflict. When your SanDisk Cruzer USB drive or flash drive can't be recognized by the Windows computer, stop using your SanDisk Cruzer
  2. SANDISK FLASH DRIVE INFORMATION. SanDisk SecureAccess A software that is a fast, simple way to store and protect critical and sensitive files on any SanDisk USB flash drive. - Downloads and more information FAQs 1. Cruzer flash drive could not be detected by the computer 2. Transferring a 4GB or larger file to a USB flash drive 3
  3. Problem: USB Flash drive (pendrive or sd card) not getting detected in windows - i.e. not recognized by windowsIn most of the cases windows doesn't read the.
  4. It's a flash drive for your iPhone and iPad that also works with computers.1 Connect the drive to your iPhone or iPad with the Lightning connector to quickly free up space on your device, or use the USB connector to quickly transfer your photos and videos to your PC or Mac computer. To learn more about the iXpand Flash Drive go to www.sandisk.
  5. Sometimes, the flash drive issues such as USB detected but not accessible, USB device not recognized pop up, or flash drive light blinking but not detected can be fixed by simply rebooting the laptop or PC. So, you can try to disconnect the flash drive from your computer, turn off the PC completely (if it is a laptop, please remove the battery.
  6. iXpand flash drive is blank and says unrecognized format; iPhone, iPad, etc cannot recognize or detect iXpand flash drive Extra Tip 2 - How to Back Up SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive. Formatting iXpand flash drive will erase everything on the device, so make sure that you have backed-up all your important files
  7. Write protection errors occur when a flash drive detects a potential fault within itself. The drive will go into write-protected mode to prevent data loss. There is no method to fix this. To verify the issue is related to the flash drive and not your computer we recommend that you try plugging the USB drive into another port on your computer

I bought the Sandisk 32 GB iXpand Flash Drive SDIX30C-032G-GN6NN) which is the one the has a Lighting Plug curled up on the other end so you can plug it into your iPhone to view the videos. I formatted it 32FAT, created folder called Teslacam but it does not get detected when I plug it into the front ports of my Model S These methods should help you fix your issue without making you lose any data. If you have this issue on a Mac, check out our flash drive not showing up on Mac guide to resolve your issue. Fixes for USB Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10 File Explorer Only. If your USB drive shows up in Disk Management, it means Windows can still detect your drive Mac users, see USB Flash Drive / Memory card not detected on Mac USB port. The SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB 2. The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 is compatible with most Android devices. Transfer with confidence when it on both are not working. Music and impacts of Erase Now. 555 BASED FLYBACK. Videos, Apple MacOS X v10

Step up to high-speed USB 3.0 and transfer your videos, photos and files up to ten times faster than standard USB 2.0 drives**. SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive takes the wait out of moving, sharing or backing up big files—now you can transfer a full-length movie from your laptop to your flash drive in less than a minute When tested on an older tablet ([[ASIN:B00BIYG6U0 D2-721]]) running Android 4.1.1, the Sony 32GB drive is recognized, but the Sandisk 64GB drive is not. This is probably because the 64GB drive is formatted in exFAT, which is unsupported by older Android operating systems. The 32GB drive is formatted in FAT32, which is universally supported This is not a big deal, as if I need to get anything from the Mini to one of the Flash Drives, I have a portable external USB 2.0 drive that I just connect to the Mini, copy the file from the Mini to that drive, disconnect the drive and connect it to the Mac Book Air, copy the file to the Air's desktop, disconnect the drive, connect the Flash. Well, you were supposed to use DU to repair the SanDisk, not your startup drive. To repair the startup drive: Repair the Hard Drive and Permissions - Lion. Boot from your Lion Recovery HD. When the recovery menu appears select Disk Utility. After DU loads select your hard drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and drive size) from the the left side list

This drive still works fine on all other macs in the house. This problem is isolated only to flash drives since all other USB accessories still function fine. I recently added a Sandisk imagemate all-in-one card reader to this system and suspect that this might have caused the problem since oddly enough, my Sandisk flash drive still works fine SANDISK FLASH DRIVE INFORMATION. A software that is a fast, simple way to store and protect critical and sensitive files on any SanDisk USB flash drive. 1. Cruzer flash drive could not be detected by the computer. 2. Transferring a 4GB or larger file to a USB flash drive. 3 For the month of June 2016 - all connector repair services are FREE! but just June, so hurry and mail it in.flash drive not recognized: diagnostics, repair a.. This problem is not limited to any particular set of USB devices and can arise in the cheap as well as the branded flash drives such as the SanDisk Cruzer flash drives. This USB - CD issue is not an issue unless the user has important files that need to be accessed on the flash drive

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  1. USB Flash drive not getting recognized or detected when connected to Windows or Mac system is an issue that happens most frequently for the computer users. As a result, users face huge data loss, as they are not able to access the files stored in the flash drive. Actually, the factors that could trigger this issue includes
  2. By following this solution, the blinking issue or the issue of Flash Drive not working should get resolved. If the issue is still occurring, you need to try the next method. Fix 3. Remove Virus: If the problem with your Flash Drive occurs consistently, or, if the problem occurs with all of your Flash Drives that you use with your system
  3. My USB Flash drive (SanDisk 15gb cruzer) does not show up in Windows 7 Explorer. When I insert the flash drive the computer responds with a sound, but it never gets a drive letter assigned. This happens on both my desktop and laptop pc's (both win 7). The device shows up in devices and printers panel, and claims it is working properly
  4. Sandisk data recovery Sandisk usb flash drive not recognized not detected sandisk sd card Sandisk ssd Sandisk pen drive repair tool not showing up not working Windows 10 7 pc mac - sandisk cruzer ultra recover data from corrupted Sandisk usb flash drive not showing in disk management,online recover deleted files Sandisk usb flash drive ssd not working 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB 1tb 2tb 500gb.
  5. USB Flash Drive Support Page - SanDisk SANDISK FLASH DRIVE INFORMATION. SanDisk SecureAccess A software that is a fast, simple way to store and protect critical and sensitive files on any SanDisk USB flash drive.- Downloads and more information FAQs 1. Cruzer flash drive could not be detected by the computer 2

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Repair Damaged SanDisk Flash Drive without CMD. If the CMD commands does not work, then a user can follow the method mentioned below to repair corrupt flash drive with no data loss. To do the same follow the steps: 1. In order to to recover SanDisk flash drive, insert flash drive into your computer and go to My Computer 2 Best free sandisk repair software to fix damaged sandisk flash drive or sandisk usb format repair tool to repair corrupted sandisk cruzer or sandisk ultra pen drive or sandisk repair tool to fix sandisk ssd without formatting or losing data in Windows 10 7

- SecureAccess for PC and Mac. Warranty Limited warranty: USA-1 year. FAQs - SanDisk iXpand - How do I start? - How do I backup my 'Camera Roll' to the iXpand flash drive? - What file and media types are supported by the iXpand Sync app? - Can I use other apps to view or open files from my iXpand drive? - How do I secure my files in the iXpand. To Copy content between your iXpand Flash Drive and Mac computer: 1. Plug your iXpand Flash Drive into your Mac computer's USB port. 2. Drag and drop music, videos, photos, and documents between your Mac computer and the iXpand Flash Drive window. Delete files 1. Connect the iXpand Flash Drive to your iPhone or iPad SanDisk is a corporation that designs and manufactures various kinds of products including memory card (SD, CF, TF), USB flash drive, memory stick, card reader, MP3 and SSD drive, etc. Most of media manufactured by SanDisk is used in different devices for data storage USB flash drive not showing up in Windows 10 Disk Management. When the USB flash drive is not detected in Windows 10 Disk Management, connect it to other computers to see whether it appears. If it displays, it means that the flash drive is well and you can try the solutions presented in the following context

This tutorial will show you guys how to get Windows to recognize your USB Flash Drive. This does not apply for Windows 10 as of new builds in 2019. Have you. Cruzer flash drive could not be detected by the computer 2. Product description The SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive from SanDisk is a compact, portable USB flash drive. SanDisk SecureAccess v3.02 is a fast, simple way to store and protect critical and sensitive files on SanDisk USB flash drives

NOTE: A message indicating that a new device has been detected at the lower right hand of your monitor. It MAY take a few seconds to be detected. 2. If the USB flash drive or external drive folder does NOT open automatically, follow these steps: a. Click Start > Computer. b. Double-click on the Removable Disk associated with the USB flash drive. 3 This item: SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Glide USB 2.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ60-032G-B35. $8.85. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Aluratek 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame with Auto Slideshow Using USB & SD/SDHC (ADPF07SF) - Black. $32.79. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com Using the ixpand flash drive on a computer is very easy as, when plugged into a USB socket, the flash drive functions just like a normal USB memory stick. I chose to copy and paste albums of photos from my computer into the Photos folder of the flash drive and copy and paste videos into the videos folder of the flash drive

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Sometimes the larger capacity ones are faster and sometimes the lower capacity ones are faster. With the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go USB Type-C Flash Drive - SDDDC3 and its close sibling SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C - USB-C, USB 3.1 - SDDDC2, the pattern appears to be the-smaller-the-faster. My test confirms that as well SanDisk's iXpand Flash Drive Luxe is a two-in-one flash drive. It allows you to back up your photos and videos, and it even lets you transfer your media between your iPhone, iPad Pro, and Mac. There's a USB-C connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other. The flash drive has an all-metal casing, swivel design, and key ring hole so. With a SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, you are allowed to transfer valuable files quickly and easily among different devices: tablets, PCs, Mac computers and the OTG-enabled Android smartphones. In addition to that, the SanDisk flash drive makes it easy and fast to free up space for new files, such as photos, videos, audios, songs, and so on Both devices recognized the flash drive quickly. Aside from receiving one that was seemingly crushed, though the packaging was intact, the only other downfall would be the very small size, which makes it easy to lose. There is a small hole that allows one to attach a key ring. This flash drive also does not come with a cap for the end

Update or reinstall cruzer usb driver 3-5 minutes when the usb driver is outdated, windows computer may not be able to detect or recognize the device. View a manual of the sandisk 240gb extreme pro below. Cruzer flash drive could not be detected by the computer Once the data stored on the flash drive exceeds the limits of physical chips, they begin to they begin corrupting the data on the drive. 2. Buy a brand name flash drive. When buying a USB flash drive, you should always pick a branded one. Most brands are reliable in terms of storage, such as Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung and other well known brands The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive lets you free up space on your iPhone, back up your camera roll, and even watch videos straight from the drive. The flexible Lightning connector works with most cases and the USB 3.0 connector plugs into your Mac, making file transfers quick and easy Generally, when you insert in the USB pen drive, it will be mounted in Disk Utility and on Desktop for data access. However, a very distressing situation, just as the user above, is that the USB flash drive may not be readable, recognized, working, or not showing up on Mac

I have Sandisk Micro USB Flash Drive, is it compatible with MAC OS? According to Sandisk, no. While they do make USB flash drives that are compatible with Mac OS, like their Fleur or Crossfire USB flash drives, the Micro USB flash drive is Windows-only compatible Fix USB Flash Drive Does Not Detect or Cant Access Files On It. Fix USB Flash Drive Does Not Detect or Cant Access Files On It Don't change the format to a Mac volume if you share the flash drive with a PC, and don't choose the option to zero all data, or the 8-way random write, I ruined a USB flash with those options (I think it writes to a non-recoverable data area) Now is not recognized as ANYTHING, not repairable..

*Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects. USB drive detected but not accessible is a common problem particularly with new USB drive. However, you may also encounter the same issue with external storage devices such as hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, memory stick or flash drives Step 2: select the USB flash drive from the right-hand panel. Then, perform a full scan on it by clicking on the Scan button in the lower right corner. Step 3: browse the scan result to pick out all the data you want to recover by adding a check mark into the square box in front of them Download and install AweEraser on Mac. Connect the SanDisk USB flash drive to the Mac computer. Run AweEraser on the computer and choose Erase hard drive mode. Wait until this process is completed and all data have been permanently erased. AweEraser for Mac software is very to use and many people recommend it as one of the best data erasure. The first step is to insert your USB thumb drive into the computer's USB drive. Click on 'My Computer' and choose the USB drive that appears. Right-click on the drive and go to 'Properties'. Then choose the 'Tools' tab. Click on the 'Check Now' button. You should be now presented with two repair options, i.e. Scan for and attempt to recover bad sectors and Automatically fix file system errors Problem 1: SanDisk SD card can't be recognized. Phenomenon: the camera prompts there is no card or the computer doesn't show your SanDisk SD card.. Possible reasons: the file system SD card uses is not supported by camera or computer, virus attack.. Solution: try to format the SD card to FAT after connecting it to computer with the help of card reader or by using the formatting program.

STREAM VIDEOS TO UP TO 3 DEVICES—AT THE SAME TIME 2. SanDisk ® Connect Wireless Stick is a great entertainer, too. You can stream music or videos to three smartphones, tablets or computers as long as they're somewhere in the vicinity—the back seat, the next tent or the other end of the conference table Step 1 - Download iCare Recovery Free, choose 'Advanced File Recovery' after you connected your sandisk usb to a Windows 10 8 7 Vista XP computer. Step 2 - Click the flash drive, and then click next to start scanning. Setp 3 - Save files found on the flash drive to a Windows computer hard drive The new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe features a metal enclosure, storage up to 256GB, and the convenience of working across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more. Read on for a hands-on look at this new. Some files from my USB SanDisk 16GB flash drive are not detected and when I connect to a different PC all the files are detected Original title: Some files from my USB are not detected and the rest of the files are showing find when I connect to my pc , when I connect to a different pc all files looks find. Hi every one,.

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The three tools above can help you format & repair the corrupted SanDisk memory card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc. DoYourData Super Eraser is a powerful data erasure software. It not only can help you format SanDisk device, but it also can help permanently erase data from SanDisk device so that you'll get a brand new SanDisk device It will not recognize either his generic 8gb flash drive, nor my older Sandisk Titanium drive on any USB port. Other USB devices (e.g. wireless mouse antenna) work fine. Device manager states that the driver was not loaded, and then cannot find a driver one the machine nor on the web when I attempt to update one Step 3: Does it show in Disk Management (Right click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management) - if it appears in Disk Management, just assign a drive letter. Right click on the cruzer drive -- Drive letter --> Add --> choose a drive letter.. OK OK.. Check if you can see the drive in my computer. Sandisk ixpand USB stick is a good drive to backup files and transfer data between Iphone 8 /Ipad and Windows , Mac Operation systems .The latest version of Ixpand firmware updater too is V4.4.9 .It allows you to format Sandisk Ixpand USB 3.0 flash drive with FAT32 or NTFS file system . This tool works only with Sandisk Ixpand flash disk so don. Using BurnInTest you can actually test whether your USB flash drive has the amount of storage it claims or not, and test the ability of the drive to store and retrieve data without corruption. BurnInTest can be used to write, read and verify large amounts of data to and from the drive, detecting oversize capacity and poor quality drives in the.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Overview. iXpand is usually used to store and transfer data between iOS devices and PC. SanDisk, as the leading manufacturer of storage media, has released an iXpand flash drive in 2014. With a SanDisk iXpand flash drive, you can easily and fast transfer data from iPhone, iPod, iPad to Windows computer. Related Article If not, check if the hidden and do not assign a drive letter attributes are set for the partition on the USB drive. Run the Diskpart command line and enter the following commands: List the disks: list disk. Find the disk number assigned to your USB flash drive (in this example 1) and select it: select disk 1 Every now and then you may pass along your personal USB flash drives to friends and family, forgetting that you have some confidential files saved in them. When this happens, you open yourself to risks of having your data stolen. With.. Steps Download Article. In Device Manager, go to the Drives section and select your USB flash drive. Select Policies and check Optimize for Performance. Try not to just pull out the drive, especially for iPods; you need to left-click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your system tray, and select your flash drive Title: SanDisk iXpand Drive Application User Manual Author: Western Digital Subject: iXpand Drive Keywords: SanDisk; iXpand Drive Application Created Dat

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Step 1. Connect your SanDisk USB flash drive to the computer and make sure it can be detected by Windows. Install and start Partition Assistant Standard, right-click the flash drive and select Wipe Hard Drive. Step 2. Choose Fill sectors with Zeros and click OK The SanDisk is a well-known brand for memory SD cards, USB flash drives, pen drives, and SSD drives. Though the drives are great, no one can ensure there will be no problems. To make it work properly, first, you need to recover data lost or trapped in the not working SanDisk device with iBeesoft Data Recovery 3. Flash Drive/Card Tester. Flash Drive/Card Tester is listed by its developer as a generic tool for testing flash drives or SD/CF cards but is especially useful for detecting counterfeit drives with fake capacity. It works in a similar way to H2testw by writing data to the device, reading it back and then comparing the two for differences Screenshots. Access and manage your SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick, the next generation of mobile storage for your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook computer with the SanDisk Connect Drive app. Easily save videos and photos, stream videos and music directly from the drive¹—even when it's tucked away in your bag or in the overhead bin The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive lets you free up space on your iPhone, back up your camera roll, and even watch videos straight from the drive. The flexible Lightning connector works with most cases and the USB 3.0 connector plugs into your Mac, making file transfers quick and easy. The drive also includes password-protection software to keep.

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SanDisk 64 GB iXpand Flash Drive Go. $39.95. 64GB 128GB 256GB. Storage. Order by 5pm. Delivers to. Today within 2 hours — $9.00. Thu, Jul 8 — Free. Pick up, in store: Today at Steps to retrieve files from SanDisk Cruzer U3 drive: Connect SanDisk Cruzer U3 drive from which data has to be recovered to this system and install the tool. Or select Lost File Recovery option to bring back files that are missing or inaccessible. Then if necessary specify the file types that you wish to recover and click next The company specializes in flash memory products, which include usb flash drives, solid state drives ssd s and memory cards. If you can try the driver software. One user just complained that his sandisk 128gb usb flash drive is not recognized on the computer in his windows 7. Started with various brands before, with capacities of 8,16,32gb Micro Center 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. 1 / 5 (1 review) SKU: 429357. Usually ships in 5-7 business days. $4.99 SAVE $1.50. $3.49. Compare Item 128GB DUO Plus USB 3.1 Type-C Flash Drive>. Select 2 to compare. Compare Transfer media between multiple devices with this SanDisk Ultra Fit flash drive. Its 64GB capacity provides room for storing music or photos, and it offers read speeds up to 130MB/sec. thanks to high-performance USB 3.1 technology. This SanDisk Ultra Fit flash drive is compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere

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Apart from pen drive corruption, chances are more that USB port to which pen drive is connected, is not in good condition and hence flash drive is not recognized. To make Kingston 32GB flash drive get detected on system, uninstall and reinstall flash drive: Firstly, Click Windows and X keys on keyboard on Start screen and select Device Manager Stylish dual-purpose swivel design protects connectors and features a keyring hole to take the drive on the go. The pricing on the new flash drive is as follows: 64GB for $45. 128GB for $60. 256GB for $90. The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe is available now through Western Digital, Amazon, and other retailers

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SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go for iPhone & iPad, 64GB. SanDisk. 3.9 out of 5 stars with 7 ratings. 7. $29.99. Shipping not available. Not at . your store. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C 64GB Flash Drive. SanDisk. 4.1 out of 5 stars with 9 ratings. 9. $13.89. Shipping not available Connect SanDisk Cruzer Orbit USB flash drive and run the installed application. From main screen, select Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery suiting the scenario faced by you. Then from next screen, select icon of SanDisk Cruzer Orbit and click on Next. Select file types that you are looking for from next screen and. The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive combines faster data speeds and generous capacity in a compact, stylish package. Spend less time waiting and transfer files to the drive up to ten times faster than with a standard USB 2.0 drive.1 With storage capacities up to 512GB5, the drive can accommodate your bulkiest media files and documents Barman58 said: The First link below is the recovery procedure from Sandisk for your Device. Cruzer flash drive NOT detected by Windows PC. This is the link to the Sandisk recovery tools/options. Data recovery for memory cards and flash drives. Or a free solution. flash drive recovery free download - SourceForge

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Seagate hard drive is one of the best hard drives. Many Mac users are using Seagate hard drive for Mac backup. SanDisk Repair Software: Fix Corrupted SanDisk Device. Download the reliable and easy to use SanDisk repair software to help you fix corrupted SanDisk memory card, recover lost data, rescue SanDisk flash drive and external hard drive, etc The SanDisk® iXpand® Flash Drive Luxe comes with not one but two connectors so you can easily move files between your iPhone, iPad Pro, Mac, and USB Type-C™ devices, including Android™ phones 2. Quickly move content to your computer Say goodbye to emailing photos between devices. Once files are on your drive, you can use the high-speed. SanDisk 16GB Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive. B&H # SAUFU3FD16GB MFR # SDCZ73-016G-A46. 194 Reviews. Key Features. 16GB Storage Capacity. USB 3.0 Type-A Interface. Max Data Read Speed: 130 MB/s. Windows and Mac Compatible. See All Details Go to previous slide - Best Selling. SanDisk CVS 4gb Cruzer Micro USB Drive. $6.99 New. SanDisk Cruzer Blade 4GB USB Flash Drive. 4.7 out of 5 stars. (60) Total Ratings 60, $4.50 New. SanDisk Cruzer 4GB USB Flash Drive

SANDISK CRUZER MICRO 4GB WINDOWS 8 X64 DRIVERSanDisk 32GB OTG Ultra Dual USB Drive M3Activex Component For Sandisk U3 Launchpad Installer